Dinner Menu


Polipetti Affogati
Braised fresh Baby Octopus with a Cherry Tomato Sauce and Chick Peas.
*Stuffed Calamari with Eggplant Caponata
Fresh Calamari served with Eggplant, Onions, Garlic & Diced Tomatoes.
*Shrimp Fra Diavolo Con Crustini Di Pane
Shrimp sauteed in spicy Tomatoe Sauce.
Antipasto of Burrata, Prosciutto & Caponata
Imported Burrata, Prosciutto di Parma, Roasted Eggplant & Fresh Tomato.
*Carciofo Alla Ionica
Stuffed Artichokes with Salamino Calabrese, Garlic, Eggs, Parsley & Pecorino Romano.
*Carpaccio Di Manzo
Thinly sliced Beef Tenderloin, Baby Arugula & Parmigiano Reggiano.
Antipasto Calabrese
An assortment of specialties from the Calabria region of Italy.


Rosette Limoncello (Our Signature Dish)
Homemade wide noodle cooked with Prosciutto, Montassio Cheese, Mushrooms & finished in Tomato Cream Sauce with Truffle Oil.
Fusilli Con Ragu All'abruzzese
Fusilli Pasta with a Ragu of Lamb, veal & red peppers.
Homemade Five Chese Ravioli with Mamma's Meatball
Ravioli with light Tomato Basil Sauce, served with our Famous Meatball
*Shrimp Scampi Over Linguine
With Garlic, Oil & White Wine.
*Linguine Frutti Di Mare
Mussels, Clams & Shrimp cooked in a spicy Red Sauce.
Fettucine Al Nero Di Seppia Con Astice
Black Squid Ink Fettuccine Pasta with chunks of Maine Lobster Meat in a Tomato Cream Sauce.
*Linguine Alle Vongole
Linguine Pasta with Stoney Island cultivated Count Neck Clams served Red or White.
Ravioli All'astice Con Salsa Vellutata
Lobster Ravioli with a fresh Crabmeat Cream Sauce & Cherry Tomatoes.
Penne All'arrabiata
Penne Pasta with a Spicy Imported Italian Sam Marsano Tomato Sauce.
Spaghetti Al Pomodoro Fresco
Spaghetti Pasta with a Cherry Tomato Sauce
Risotto Del Giorno - Risotto Speciality of the Day--


*Vitello Parmigiana
Tender, pounded Veal, pan-fried & topped with Mozzarella Cheese & Pomodore Tomato Sauce, served with chef's choice Pasta.
*Chicken Parmigiana
Boneless Chicken, pan-fried & topped with Mozzarella Cheese & Pomodore Tomato Sauce, served with chef's choice Pasta.
Eggplant Parmigiana
Tender Eggplant baked with Cheese & Pomodore Tomato Sauce, served with chef's choice Pasta.
*Vitello Piccata
Veal with Capers, White Wine & Lemon.
*Vitello Saltimbocca
Veal with Prosciutto, Fontina Cheese & White Wine.
*Vitello Al Marsala Con Funghi Di Bosco
Veal cooked with Mushrooms & Marsala Wine.
*Pollo Alla Marsala
Boneless Chicken cooked with Mushrooms & Marsala Wine.
*Pollo Saltimbocca
Boneless Chicken with Prosciutto, Fontina Cheese & White Wine.
*Chicken Piccata
Boneless Chicken cooked with Capers, White Wine and Lemon.
*Pollo Con Caponata
Boneless Chicken with Eggplant, Onion, Garlic, Diced Tomatoes & Caper.
*Costolette Di Agnello Alla Menta
Grilled New Zealand Rack of Lamb with fresh Mint.
*Filetto Di Manzo Al Tre Pepi
Grilled Beef Tenderloin with a tri-colored Peppercorn Sauce.
*Costata Di Vitello Con Funghi Di Bosco E Tartufo Nero
Grilled Nature Veal Chop with Wild Mushrooms & Black Truffles.


*Zuppa Di Crostacei Pesce Fresco
Fresh Half Lobster with Mussels, Clams, Calamari, Shrimp & Catch of the Day.
*Haddock Puttanesca
Fresh Haddock cooked with Capers, Black Olives & Cherry Tomatoes.
*Salmone Alla Maurizio
Salmon Filet with Capers, Dijon Mustard & a touch of cream.
*Swordfish Pillard
Fresh Swordfish pounded thin, cooked on the grill. Served with Arugula & Tomato Salad.
Pesce Del Giorno
Fresh Catch of the Day.


Buffalo Mozzarella
Imported Mozzarella, with Beefsteak Tomatoes, Basil & Olive Oil.
Caesar Salad
Traditional Caesar Salad.
Insalata Mista
Baby Mixed Greens tossed with House Balsamic Vinaigrette, with Tomatoes & Olives.
Insalata Calabrese
Beef Steak Tomatoes served with Onion & Italian Tuna with Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
We appreciate no splitting of orders
Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.
*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, or seafood may increase the risk of a food borne illness, especially those with certain medical conditions.